Welcome to Trinity Valley Baptist Seminary & College (Iowa Park Campus)
(TVBS&C - IPC). I want to ensure you that I will endeavor, along with
our dedicated staff, to provide you with the best comprehensive
Biblical training, in the fields of Theology, Ministry, Missions,
Christian Education, and Music.

You will find the courses of study invigorating, heartwarming,
and exciting because we teach the majority of our classes using the
Bible (KJV) as our textbook. There has never been a book written,
nor will ever be that has the complete sphere of influence, on the
human soul and mind, as the Bible

No otherbook has the mind and heart of God. No other book
can match its inexhaustible knowledge. Other books mix man's
thoughts with God's which can be precarious at best; however they
are needed.

So, thank you for considering TVBS&C - IPC as your place of
Biblical studies; you will not be disappointed.

If you would like more information please feel free to call or email us at the following:

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